A few days ago, I transformed my place into a dreamland for one special little girl. Harper and her older Sister Faith, and Mom Katie were coming in for Harper’s one year session with a smash cake ending.

This session was set up as a surprise present for the girls Dad Matty whose birthday is this week. Harper loves Minnie Mouse so Katie and Faith worked together to sneak Harper’s Minnie’s out of the house, so not to give away the surprise.

I love one year sessions because they are unpredictable but predictable. A few things are for certain the child is going to look cute, is going to cry at least once, and will more than likely not follow the directions. This is what makes these fun, you get to capture the pure raw image of the child, their true personalities, and feelings. Some of my most favorite shots are not the perfect shots they are the one where the child is goofing off, laughing, rolling their eyes, and giving you that look of, you asked me to do what.

Harper’s session was no different except I took over 300 photos which is twice what I normally capture, and after hours of looking at each photo I finally was able to narrowed it down to 80 photos. Which I will say was the hardest thing to do, do to each and every photo being cute, and spontaneous. Harper and Family are awesome to work with, and I am excited for future sessions with them.

Oh lets not forget Happy Birthday Matty!!

Baby With Hands Up To Mouth Baby Clapping Baby Sitting With Big Sister Baby Standing Clapping and Has Angel Wings On Baby Playing With Cup Baby Touching Cake On Platter Baby Eating Cake Baby Eating Cake With Big Sister Baby Eating Cake And Enjoying It Baby With Cake on Hands and Face Baby Pushing Platter over on the Floor Baby Eating Cake With Hands to Mouth